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Local Garden Lost

This is a video Rick Forrest and I did a few years ago to try to save a community garden that was thriving in West Hollywood. In retrospect, I realize we should have taken more action, to try to get a petition going to ask the city to buy the lot from the owners, or establish another one nearby, at least. Walking by this lot these four years since the garden was shut down, we’ve been wishing the owners had at least let the gardeners continue to use it until they actually were going through with their plans for it. Now, a Koi Pond is being built in the space, which at least sounds like it will be a beautiful landscape addition. We’re hoping another community garden is established soon to our West Hollywood West!

The Loft at Liz’s Fine Art Gallery Is ALIVE!

The Loft at Liz’s Fine Art gallery on La Brea has an exhibition going on in conjunction with the California African American Museum that has me so inspired I can’t stop talking about it. It’s a beautiful, magical, alive show, and part of the reason it’s so moving is the stuff the art is made out of. The fact that the art is made from found objects, from things with previous lives, found in the trash, gives it a special subtext.

It’s meaningful because it makes one look at everyday objects and their possible second use, and certainly their aesthetics, differently. Liz had a panel with the artists talking about what moves them to create this kind of art, and what it means to them, and I was especially moved by this clip about how this kind of art is part of a larger creative trend.

Following the movers, quietly transporting a huge rock in to the L.A. County Art Museum last March, post-midnight, when there was no traffic to contend with, was surreal.